Sladana Krstic

The “Made in Italy” Croatian designer

After Rosa Mariotti and her Italian cuisine in Hawaii, here’s another post for our #IloveItaly section, dedicated to foreigners helping to make our country great and Italians spreading our style and culture throughout the world.

Today let me introduce you to Sladana Krstic, an energetic Croatian woman from the Artistic Institute of Modern Art and Design of Split who realized her dream in Rome, at the Alteri Academy, becoming a fashion designer.

It takes courage to follow your passions and this Croatian woman has courage to spare.

Sladana Krsitc created a very special style which combines traditional tailoring with painting, her greatest passion.

“No one is too young or too old to achieve his dreams!”

Sladana Krstic

Sladana Krstic

The “Made in Italy” Croatian designer

Fascinated by underground and avant-garde culture, Sladana Krstic loves street fashion and always tries to combine apparently incompatible garments and colours in her outfits. Just to be clear, her favourite designer is the visionary and ironic Franco Moschino.

Since 2014 she took part in many events and television shows with a never-ending energy and cheerfulness, always with a kind word for everyone and a smile on her face.

In homage to the Italian culture, Sladana dedicated her latest creations to the great Farnese Collection at MANN, the National Archaeological Museum in Naples, using fine fabrics such as silk and damask accompanied by strictly handmade accessories.

It’s a very royal mood, as you can see from her website a lively, quirky, queen style suitable for strong and determined women; women that are capable to fight for their dreams and are endowed with a great heart. Just like her.

P.S. To talk with her you can visit her website

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