Artisanal Cornucopia

A salon parlour shop like the olden days

We live online, it’s true, but fortunately one may still come across concept stores where artisans get to tell their story and showcase their craftsmanship. These shops are salons, more than shops, proudly expressing their own vision of beauty and quality, promising an experiential visit. They are concept stores where the host welcomes his or her customers like in the past.

We’ll travel all around Italy to find them.

Today’s story is about a very special, elegant, dynamic and absolutely cosmopolitan woman, who chose to live in Rome and open a unique store in the center of the eternal city: Artisanal Cornucopia!

Her name is Her name is Elif Sallorenzo, New York attorney, with triple degrees (one in Management), daughter of a Turkish ambassador and born in Strasbourg. We already mentioned Elif last summer in our swimsuits post, but now it’s time to introduce her properly.

Elif has lived in Strasbourg, Oslo, Belgrade, Brussels, Berlin, London, New York, Ankara, Florence, Bergamo, Venice and, finally, Rome. This is what we call a globetrotter, who speaks more than five languages fluently. She’s also passionate about sports: she was a sprinter and a record holder in 100m in her adolescence and still practices yoga, loves pilates, plays tennis and goes skiing every season.

Last but not least, she has an Italian husband and two beloved daughters.

Her shop in Rome, Artisanal Cornucopia, is a name that immediately evokes quality, refinement and craftsmanship.

“Made in Italy gives a sense of security, quality, passion, centuries-old know-how, tradition and belonging."

Elif Sallorenzo

Artisanal Cornucopia

A salon parlour shop like the olden days in Rome

Artisanal Cornucopia was born in her New York loft, in Soho, where she presented new brands to the local discerning audience. Aquazzurra, a famous and fresh Italian footwear brand worthy of Carrie Bradshaw, was the first of the brands she showcased in her dining room, almost for fun.

From New York to Bergamo with a first, small store inside an art gallery/high-end frame shop and then finally to Rome, Via dell’Oca 38, just around the corner from Piazza del Popolo. That’s where I met her. In a few meetings, I could personally experience the accuracy of her high quality – and never accidental, but meticulously picked selection of accessories, fragrances, a skincare line, ready to wear and more. Thanks to Elif, I met the elegant minimalist Alice Grattapaglia from Turin and her brand Ninali the dynamic young Sardinian duo Quattromani the cheerful Betta Poidomani and ceramics plates handmade by artisan Matilde Argiolas just in time for your Christmas table.

But Artisanal Cornucopia is more than just a shop to find out of the ordinary clothing: it’s a real salon where artists exhibit; a place where you can find curious objects. It is a unique venue for Made in Italy items in the historic center of Rome, where tourists stroll.

Elif Sallorenzo believes in the uniqueness of Italian – and foreign – craftsmanship and showcases the exceptional quality and know-how at her salon to promote our style to the world from her spot.

Brava Elif!

P.S. Visit Artisanal Cornucopia on via dell’Oca 38 a Rome, to find Rumisu sciarpe, Fath’s Essentials, Monteneri pochette, Giulia Barela bijoux, Altalen Milano, Milena Sonia Trapasso, Antipodes Cosmetics, Punto Daria, Altrosguardo objets, Yazbukey, Segni di Gi bijoux, Misela, Aquazzura, Maman sophie bijoux, Poggio al olmo, Odin, Miller bertaux, Anna &Alex bijoux, De Couture, Benedetta Bruzziches, NInali, Jeux d’eau, Illa, Medley creations, Opaline, Peridea, Quattro Mani, Lodental, G.A.N., Cettina Bucca, Cangiari. Espongono Artisti come Anna Russo, Enrico Cattaneo, Charlie Masson, Vincenzo del Pizzo. E-commerce coming soon. Follow Artisanal Cornucopia on Instagram and Facebook.

Coming soon: the genderless bags and ready to wear clothes by Elif.

Photo Credits: Alta Roma!

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