Fall/winter by Cettina Bucca

Sicily in the heart

Summer is over, so let’s welcome autumn, with its smell of wet soil and bright colours.

After Sardinian’s colours by Quattromani, it’s Etna’s turn to show all its strength in the fall/winter collection by Cettina Bucca.

You already saw her long shirts in our summer must have list. Now it’s time to discover something more about the woman behind all these wonderful, bon ton and a bit gipsy garments.

Cettina Bucca, with her Sicilian soul, is the beating heart of these collections. She’s a beautiful woman, expressing her emotions through colours, fabrics, designs and patterns. Her eyes are clear and cheerful. Cettina emanates strength, warmth, style. She was able to make her own way, to find her secret dream and make it real.

“Every dress tells the story of a woman by wearing it”

Cettina Bucca

Fall/winter by Cettina Bucca

A collection full of Enta’s colours

I like her because she’s not scared by the passage of time: she’s still a joyous little girl, moving from Milazzo to Milan and following her instinct with grace and pragmatism.

I like her because she’s an empathetic and practical woman, strong and sweet, creative and generous. A woman surrounded by young talents: she raised more than 60 of them in approximately twenty years.

I like her because she’s not afraid to grow old since she knows that her soul is ageless.

I like her because she’s an Italian woman, one of us.

We started with summer and ended up with autumn, in Sicily, homeland of Cettina Bucca’s fall/winter collection. Snowy landscapes, views full of evergreen species, woods, rivers, rocks and shining skies – even in winter time – soft hills and long beaches: she didn’t forget any detail which may represents her through the history and complexity of this land.

Etna’s colours and energy speak for themselves.

Brava Cettina!

P.S. If you want to buy her collection, you can find the closest store on her website or write us at info@marialauraberlinguer.com.


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