5 tips to help your kids find their passion

Francesca La Via

A new school year has just begun, and now? Which AFTERNOON ACTIVITY should I propose to my children? HELP ME!

If they are not into sports like swimming, riding or tennis at a competitive level, if they don’t like playing football or basketball and, most of all, if they’re dynamic, but find any sport or activity boring, it’s even more difficult.

What can we do, then? Is there any remedy?

Here are 5 TIPS from a musician, mother of a teenage girl apparently without any passion.

1. TALENT The first important thing is to try to understand what’s the talent of your children. There may be more than one and not so easy to find out. If you don’t know how to manage it, the next point is dedicated to you!

2. LET IT GROW Once you identify a talent, propose activities related to it, so that your children may feel gifted at what they do and especially able compared to others; this helps their self-esteem even if they don’t show particular interest.

3. FRIENDS Let them share this new experience with some friends. In this way they can be more inclined to participate.

4. DON’T GIVE UP Don’t get demoralized if there’s no passion on the horizon: it’s up to us as parents, uncles, grandparents to give kids the opportunity to widely try various activities in their fields of interest. At a proper age, with the right awareness, they will turn these experiences into passions.

5. RANGE Obviously these tips are not just for sports; you may apply them to music, theatre and art, too. Bring kids to concerts, shows, and museums. In this way, you can let their precious cultural heritage grow. Your passions may become theirs, being of example and help them to define their possible goals.

And now… Good passion, everyone!
Francesca La Via