Autumn in Rome? Here’s the place for you

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Rome in October is amazing. Of course, Rome is always beautiful, but there’s something different in the air during this month.

The light reflects off the ochre buildings. The sun is still warm. Walking in the central streets becomes a real pleasure: stopping by historic coffee shops, having a light lunch, visiting an exhibition, strolling through the huge parks, admiring the way nature dresses up in warmer tones. Anything is possible, without any effort.

If you are planning a trip to Rome, we can recommend you a place that is particularly worthy of this month and its stunning colours. Get inspired by our homes!

"This is definitely the right LOCATION for a trip to the Capital"

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Atmosphere and friendliness characterize this beautiful two levels apartment in the historic centre of the city, just a few meters from PIAZZA NAVONA and CAMPO DE’ FIORI.

The light stealthily enters through the windows, illuminating the exposed beams ceiling and wooden floor. Nothing is left to chance. The furniture is well finished. The linens are lovely. This is definitely the right LOCATION for a trip to the Capital. Three spacious bedrooms make it perfect for a group of friends or three couples with children.

In the moments between a walk and an exhibition, you can admire the sloping roofs looking out of the windows, crumble on the sofa to watch TV or read a book and rest in the spacious and comfortable beds. Even if it’s located in the very city centre, this Roman accommodation instils tranquillity and peace.

Maybe it’s because of the warm colours embracing the surrounding roofs or because of the sunny days or because Rome, in October, is so beautiful…

If you want to rent it contact, as usual, SLEEPINITALY.

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