Carlo Zini: The Great Italian Jeweler

The Most Beautiful bijoux in the World

Carlo Zini is a great Italian designer and jewelry artist who, from his home of Milan, has lit up the eyes of the most beautiful women and divas in the world.

At the age of 13, Carlo Zini learned the basics of jewelry making in his father’s workshop, and at 16, he was hired by a historic company in his town. In 1977 he opened his own workshop. After years of success and great international acclaim, Zini decided to expand his production to include: bags, belts, gloves, scarves and hair ornaments.

Carlo Zini a great designer

In 1981 Marco Fei became his irreplaceable collaborator and companion, adding a touch of concreteness to Carlo’s creativity.

Carlo has worked with the great names in fashion, as well as the best costume designers in film, theater, and television. His jewels have been worn in show business, culture, and politics. In 2015 Carlo retired and left the company to Marco Fei, although he continues to give stylistic input.

“The women who wear my bijoux are ironic and strong women, sure of their charm.”

Carlo Zini

Carlo Zini: The Great Italian Jeweler

The Most Beautiful bijoux in the World

The bijoux of the late 1970’s were inspired by nineteenth and early twentieth century French fine jewelry. The collections of the 1980’s were characterized by their large size, use of rhinestones, enamel, hard stones and coral: exciting elements that draw interest.

Carlo loves to incorporate nature and animals of all kinds: from elephants to dogs, from crocodiles to butterflies. China, Egypt and ancient Greece are reinterpreted in a déco key. The ethnic is a starting point for revisiting a culture. Every year a special collection celebrates Christmas.

The materials

His materials are rhodium, hypoallergenic and inalterable, and resins, that imitate hard stones such as turquoise, onyx, jade and coral. These resins are not so much a copy of jewels, but a beautiful parody, made into maxi necklaces, maxi bracelets, maxi earrings and rings.

Thanks to Carlo Zini and Marco Fei, today we can discuss and wear the history of Italian bijoux!

Great work!

You can find his the beautiful bijoux on the website.

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