GYROTONIC ®, my new dance

Wellness & beauty

Mens sana in corpore sano? Definitely yes!

I liked running a lot. Keeping some time for me, possibly outdoors, improved my concentration and worked as a mood booster. All thanks to endorphins, as I discovered later.

Then, at a certain point, running became harder and some muscles like PSOAS and PIRIFORM, unknown in my 30s, appeared from nowhere. I was this close to sciatica. WHAT COULD I DO?

I started with Gyrotonic. What?!? Gin and Tonic?

Nope! GYROTONIC ® is a workout method invented by Juliu Horvath. I asked Valentina Lupi, who’s the owner of Lotus Blossom Studio and my fantastic trainer, to shortly describe this sporting practice that saved me from sciatica. In addition, you’ll be delighted by my videos. Note that the play button is on the lower left side of the screen (and if it’s not there.. maybe it’s time to change my template).

GYROTONIC ® is a smart training system which helps human body to regain its balance and symmetry WITHOUT age, sex, or health LIMITS. Gyrotonic ® (as you can read on Mypersonaltrainer) stimulates the articulations and trains the muscles. It allows your physique to stretch and strengthen at the same time.

Its practice is good for EVERYONE and provides benefits in a pretty short time: from the very first lessons you will notice a change of posture, an improvement of the muscular and joint conditions and a greater tissue elasticity.

We can see Gyrotonic as the sum of some key principles from many precious disciplines such as yoga, dance, swimming and martial arts. It allows your body to develop and reinforce the deeper musculature, offering STABILITY, a GOOD POSTURE, ELASTICITY and HARMONY. Could you ask for more?

It’s a practice based on CIRCULATORY MOVEMENTS accompanied, from time to time, by a peculiar kind of BREATHING.

This wonderful discipline was developed during the 1980s in the USA by the Hungarian dancer Juliu Horvath. Thanks to an in-depth study of the human body combined with a constant yoga practice, he codified a motion system called GYROKINESIS ®.

Afterwards, due to his brilliant mind and creativity, Horvath came up with what is currently known as GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM ® (web), conceiving and manually creating all the machines that are still used to practice this discipline.