Le Cose di Ele, Rings

Le Cose di Ele Made in Italy

Rings are a must have for girls and I definitely love them. There are many types of rings, big or small, to fit every situation. Here’s my selection of some very pretty ones.

Look at this leaf-shaped model: big but never bulky nor heavy. Indeed, it adapts to the shape of your finger. I think a red nail polish would be the perfect match for this gold nuance and I suggest wearing it to a party or event.

"Rings: so many things in such a small thing"

Le Cose di Ele

Le Cose di Ele

They are handmade and unique pieces

A ring is also a nice gift, to join the bunch of clothes everybody buys. Besides that, these models have something really special: they are handmade and unique pieces, not mechanically produced as the affordable ones you find everywhere. They are worth it.

I really love the golden one, too: it looks like a snake without the head, rolled on your finger. You can find these and other accessories at Le cose di Ele on Facebook. If you don’t use it, ask your mum or a relative about it. And don’t forget to visit this page, maybe you’ll find other stuff you like.

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