Fabric Optical: 70s Style

Paola Vanacore Couture

The wonderful and joyful 70s

Quirky, colourful, outrageous, innovative, full of flowers and geometries, from fashion to interior design: 70s were so exuberant.

Who lived that era remembers it with joy, since anything was possible and over the top. Who wasn’t there is still fascinated by pictures and stories, following the replicated evergreen patterns season after season: optical prints, flared trousers, shorts, many flowers, lines, colours, miniskirts and exposed midriff. Simply so 70s.

My optical chiffon, dyed in yellow, pink, fuchsia, purple, and black was a son of this decade, printed with geometric, optical patterns and eye-catching colours. And what about the lightness? It’s so light that it gets lost in your hands, like if you weren’t holding it. A real must have. It’s a delicate silk bought during a trip to India, where everything is colourful, and colours come to life magically, from the exuberance of places, aromas, gems.

Tessuti Optical - Maria Laura Berlinguer - Stile Italiano - Moda Donna - consigli e suggerimenti - made in italy - fatto in italia - italian style - fashion - colors - paola vanacore couture - fabric

The chiffon roller had been left on the shelf after a sale and there were just a few meters of it, making it look even more precious. Thanks to my eyes, well trained to identify the most special fabrics, I noticed it among all the other rollers and grabbed it with a quick snap.

Just before the distinguished French lady next to me, who saw it at the same time and was very interested, too. The last meters of fabric, no chance to buy any more. They were mine! It seemed to be at a Sotheby’s auction.

This fabric has followed me for the last three years, well placed in my collection but also in plain sight to arouse my wonder and invite me to give it a new shape.

This the right season to do that: I’d like to create a flavoured jumpsuit … it would be so 70s. Whoever will be the buyer, I promise her that it will always be a great pleasure to wear it, thanks to the beauty, colour harmony and uniqueness it emanates. In addition to the “desirous” look of any other woman…

Wear it and you’ll see!

Paola Vanacore