Of Handmade knitwear Made in Italy

The contemporary and conscientious knitwear brand Made in Italy

Contemporary knitwear is elegant and fascinating. It wraps you in a cloud of high-quality yarns without abandoning style and ethics. Of Handmade eco-chic knitwear is a great example of this.

Previously, we have talked about Made in Italy knitwear with Romina Caponi of the brand 16R. Today, for Spring / Summer 2019, we want to share with you the story of Simona Guaini, founder of Of Handmade knitwear.

Of Handmade knitwear by Simona Caponi

Simona Guaini is a stylist by chance and in fact began her career by working in her families mechanical company. After marrying her husband, who owned a yarn company, she became interested in knitwear and discovered her creative side. She went back to school to learn more, and in 2014 Simona decided to found her own brand, Of Handmade. She began by creating a small sample collection and presented it to the two most important boutiques in Brescia. It was immediately a success.

At the beginning, Simona only recycled balls of yarn and created accessories, but she gradually started to grow. Today her line includes 30/40 pieces. It is a wonderful collection to mix with other pieces and to play around with what you already have in your wardrobe.

“I create garments using only select materials, and conscious products, which do not take advantage of the environment but are instead part of it.”

Simona Guaini

Of Handmade knitwear Made in Italy

The contemporary and conscientious knitwear brand Made in Italy

The design of every garment starts from the material and is the result of extensive research to find the best natural yarns available in fibers such as merino wool, alpaca, cotton and linen.

The individual pieces are then made in collaboration with the knitters. These talented, yet aging craftsman, are custodians of an increasingly rare Italian tradition that should be preserved for future generations.

The talented knitters

The workmanship ranges from the simple to the experimental: special woven patterns alternate with stockinette stitch and the use of antique crochet, updated for a fun and captivating effect.

The ideal client of Of Handmade is a woman who loves to be looked at because she is self-confident and loves what she wears. The knitwear collection is also accompanied by a small line of ecological detergents and fabric softeners for garment washing.

Great work Simona!!

You can find Of Handmade knitwear on the website.

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