Agendas Ecriteau

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The Ecriteau agendas: beautiful, elegant and ENTIRELY HAND MADE WITH LOVE.

So be GLAMOUROUS! They’re original and hand-made with the finest and most carefully selected materials; their paper was chosen among a thousand samples; the rubber band is stopped by a small velvet bow that adds a precious touch to each model; two satin bookmarks recall the colours of the fabric cover.An AGENDA like this, MADE WITH THE MAXIMUM CARE, has all the credentials to become a TRENDY ACCESSORY!

"Beautiful like a clutch bag"

Agendas Ecriteau

Agendas Ecriteau

Made with the maximum care

This agenda will awake your senses in a way a cold mobile phone will never do: your TOUCH will be mad about its carved velvets, hound’s-tooth and tweeds; your SIGHT will be inebriated by its colours, chosen among today’s most chic and hot variants; your SMELLL will finally have its time: isn’t it better to smell some gold cut paper instead of plastic?

And what about your HEARING? Silence, at last! Next year’s trend will be to give space to your thoughts: fleece, sinuous, swirling and sparkling ones.

Finally: your TASTE or maybe… not. Let’s say that, for those who dare, Ecriteau agendas can be very, very fetishistic. ? Welcome back agenda.

Brava Paola!

British, French and Italian fabrics, Japanese rubber bands, precious Italian paper in an entirely hand made Italian product.

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