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Maria Laura Berlinguer

I explore Italy in search of style and quality. I meet and greet very talented people. Women and men challenging the industrial homogenisation and repetitiveness through their work. People producing unique and original pieces with Italian skills and passion

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We’re in Italy. Elegance belongs to our heritage.

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Chic and Low Cost

You don’t need to spend a fortune in order to embrace the Italian style.

The most expensive items are not always the most beautiful or successful ones. Alongside famous Italian brands, there’s a world of excellence available to everyone.

For #chicandlowcost we search and select clothes and jewels made of different materials, design items, furniture and everything else expressing Italian style and quality without being too expensive.

It’s not difficult: you just need to be a little patience, have good taste and make a fingertip research. Follow us and discover the Italian excellence in a new, affordable way.


Papillon Italiano

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Do you create wonderful clothes or jewels? Do you have a beautiful house to show us for sale?
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