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I love so much scouting for chicandlowcost: it gives me the opportunity to discover and meet talented people that fight through their work against industrial standardisation. They give life to unique and original products, thanks to their truly Italian hands and heart.

FRANCESCO CUOMO belongs to this kind of innovators: he works in defence of diversity, identity and tradition through his collectable design pieces.

Francesco Cuomo was born in Eboli in 1973 and started to paint for love. From 1996 to the present time he went through different experiences, researches, collaborations, until he came, in an evolving crescendo, to “live on art by creating art to live“.

He takes part in numerous contemporary collectable art exhibitions in Italy and abroad, producing multicoloured fabrics for COVERI and Colmar Originals and creating design collections for Formitalia Luxury Group and Mirabili “Arte d’Abitare”. Besides that, he’s one of the eight international contemporary artists chosen by Luxottica at ArtBasel 2010 for the project entitled “A work of Persol“.

His twenty-year experience of “Made in Italy” collaborations led to the collectable design objects he creates today: from chairs to scarves, from lamps to bags and clothing. Watch his interview here

“FRANCESCO CUOMO belongs to this kind of innovators”

Francesco Cuomo

Francesco Cuomo

Francesco Cuomo

Francesco Cuomo Made in Italy

Ironic poet and contemporary painter, Francesco Cuomo goes beyond the boundaries of verses and canvases by experimenting with his idea of Everyday Art, ancient and modern at the same time. “Simply for love”: that’s how he talks about his inspiration.

Bravo Francesco!

P.S. You can find him in his showroom (Corso Garibaldi, 71, Eboli) or on his Web Site

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