FRANCO ECCEL: Contemporary jewellery and much more!

Have you ever thought of wearing interior design?

Dresses are made of fabrics. Silver, copper and gold are for jewellery. Then we have marble, wood and terracotta, all used in our homes. Or modern materials like Corian®, that some visionary architects adopt to build kitchens and develop interior design products.


In Italy there’s an enlightened designer, who’s always been fascinated by new materials and unusual matches. One day he decided to try Corian® scraps for the creation of new design objects.

It’s 2015 when Franco Eccel profits from his experience with architecture and interior design’s materials and techniques to produce his own contemporary jewellery line: colourful, cheerful, resilient. Rings and brooches ready to wear with a casual attitude, matching with black but also with the full rainbow palette.

"Franco Eccel produce his own contemporary jewellery line"

Made in Italy

Franco Eccel

Art & Design

At a later stage, Franco Eccel realizes also home design objects with different sizes of Corian. Creatively combining a variety of colours and sizes, he gets unique items in numbered editions, maintaining the material’s famous qualities and characteristics: versatility and durability.

It’s an extraordinary mix of ART and DESIGN with a high Italian craftsmanship.

The legs of each TABLE are interchangeable: they can either be chrome, black, white or made of wood, the most recent new entry. They can be ordered in any size and customized in any way. Everything is hand-made with a technique nobody else adopts today on this material.

"It’s an extraordinary mix of ART and DESIGN with a high Italian craftsmanship"

Franco Eccel

Franco Eccel’s project, thanks to its innovative features and eco-sustainability, has been selected and exhibited at the Triennale Palace in Milan during the international event named XXI Triennale Design after 2016.

Cut-outs of original materials – coming from architecture and interior design – are assembled using special adhesives, which turn into distinctive décor features.

Have a look at Franco’s website, that is a true sensorial experience. And if you are in Milano, pop in Spazio LC Architetti in via Signorelli 1, where all these objects are exposed and available for sale.


Bravo Franco!

Gallery: Franco Eccel