The perfect holiday home: 5 easy tips


Does the perfect holiday home exist?

With a little effort and a few expedients you can definitely find what you are looking for.

5 easy tips offered by BABLINE CARUSONE, owner of SleepinItaly and RealtyItalia.

1. WHERE Did you choose the location? Start combining Google and the classic word of mouth. Then listen to those who are already been in a certain place and check on line if it corresponds to your desires.

2. PORTALS Visit big portals like Airbnb and Booking, but don’t stop there. Smaller local agencies often offer lower prices and higher quality. Sometimes finding the owner online is not enough reassuring, while the agency’s judgment is a guarantee.

Every owner thinks to have the most beautiful house in the world and could not give reliable descriptions. How can you find smaller portals? Simply don’t stop at the first results page, check the following ones and use more specific words for your research, like a square or a street’s name…

3. PHOTOS Pictures are definitely a big help to choose the right holiday home. Check them with attention! If a place seems a mess in the pictures, it will surely be for real…

4. REVIEWS Read carefully any review on the apartment and its owner: if they sound “too much” positive, they are probably fakes added by friends and family! Portals like Airbnb base their success on the quality and accuracy of any description and review.

5. PAYMENT There’s no doubt that PayPal is the best form of payment. Thanks to the system maximum reliability, you don’t run the risk to ruin your holiday.

It’s convenient, fast and safe.

Enjoy your holidays and have a good choice!