Chiara Zanetti Leather Jewelry

A quality artisan product

After the wonders of Matuta, we are taking you to the famous Lake Garda, where Chiara Zanetti has created her leather jewelry brand.

At forty-four years old, Chiara Zanetti has 20 years of training and experience in the accessory sector. She created her first jewels in 2009: a necklace and a bracelet that were immediately published in Elle.

Every jewel needs many hours of research

Imagine the satisfaction and joy of Chiara! Both pieces, the Pelle 01 necklace, and the Sharpey bracelet have become the must-haves of her collections.

Today, despite having refined her technique, Chiara always prefers to use her hands. She softens the skin and the plasma, creates a mold for cutting, and checks everything countless times. Every new creation needs many hours of research and testing, and each piece has its own story and production time.

“I like to transform leather by giving it aspects of other materials, such as metal and wood!”

Chiara Zanetti

Chiara Zanetti Leather Jewelry

A quality artisan product

The Zucca line, appreciated for its lightness (the necklace weighs 0.38 grams) or the Sharpey bracelet, which expresses all the versatility of the leather. The Silence line – characterized by sophisticated and complex leatherworking, with the flamed and antiqued effect that makes the leather look like wood.

For her leather jewelry, Chiara Zanetti uses natural cleaning and nourishing treatments: Aleppo soap and water, and an almond oil based moisturizer

A quality artisan product in her leather jewelry

The bracelets are lined internally with vegetable tanned leather to guarantee excellent tolerability and quality. All of the materials, as well as the artisan supply chain are rigorously Made in Italy in small laboratories between Brescia and Padua.

A quality artisan product not only expresses refinement and attention to detail and materials but also offers practical aspects such as portability and lightness.

Talented Chiara … goal achieved!

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