SoloDue tailor-made

Mother and son for the “Solodue” collection

They love their job, the research process, the attention to detail. They’re mother and son.

A 16thcentury space frames their style to perfection, with exposed beams genuinely overlooking the Arco degli Aceti courtyard; this picturesque corner of a forgotten Rome is the backdrop for many events organised by Elisabetta and Alessandro, SOLODUE brand owners.

In a sort of welcoming living room, this lovely creative duo encourage exchanges of views on tastes and trends, considering this method essential to grow and create.

"Elisabetta and Alessandro, SOLODUE brand owners"

Made in Italy

Mother and son for the “Solodue” collection

The story of two creative spirits full of initiative

ELISABETTA is the curious one; she likes to create, look, search. She’s attracted to whatever arouses emotions: a fabric, a colour, a skirt. Everything can be inspirational to her.

She works with artisans focused on high quality. She thinks every woman has her own story and deserves, from time to time, a unique and tailor-made dress along with a handmade pair of shoes and a never-obvious accessory.

She believes beauty should always be affordable and that’s the reason why she’s committed to an ethical price policy. Her creative lab is a small world where she welcomes her customers and guides them in the choice of something special, to feel comfortable and happy.

ALESSANDRO grew up breathing creativity. He looks for all the special fabrics that characterize the Solodue collections.

His work is mostly visual: he meticulously follows the setting up of every performance, exhibition and overall event to present the brand to an ever-wider audience.

He articulates Solodue’s image with grace and ability, managing it it on social media, photo shootings, runway shows and direct selling. He loves to be in contact with people and spread the brand’s passion and history.

ELISABETTA and ALESSANDRO. Mother and son. Solodue. The story of two creative spirits full of initiative. Two heads to make one. A tale starting from their shop in the historical centre of Rome and continuing today in many other places: from Milan to Puglia, from Sicily to Sardinia. All exclusive locations, boutique hotels or niche, stylish showrooms like Palcrì in Sassari.

Each dress is born from a specific fabric they fall in love with and their continuous research on materials leads to very peculiar collections. They often use vintage, unique and different textiles to avoid homologated products. Their revisited kimonos, for instance, are wonderful and perfect to wear on jeans or wide trousers. Well…

Bravi Elisabetta e Alessandro!

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