Italian Sneakers - BnG Real Shoes

Technological shoemakers

Shoes that are Made in Italy are adored worldwide.

After having explored the footwear districts of Brenta regions with Rosso Venezia, we come to the Verona area, where shoes are produced for national and international distribution.

Emanuele Guardini and his wife Genny Busselli are style experts in the world of footwear. They work for famous brands from all over the world creating 3D prototypes, the first stop in producing some of the most sought-after shoes on the planet.

Italian Sneakers BnG Real Shoes – Technology meets Artisanship

Conscientious of the fact that their technological work diminishes slightly the perceived artisanal quality of handcrafted footwear, they decided to make their own contribution to Made in Italy.

They revived and updated some artisanal finishes of the area by giving them a more sporty and modern look, while still respecting the traditional craftsmanship and techniques developed at the beginning of the 1900’s. And… Italian Sneakers BnG Real Shoes were born.

“We are technological shoemakers: no waste, no stock, just a lot of quality!”

Emanuele Guardini and Genny Busselli

Italian Sneakers - BnG Real Shoes

Technological shoemakers

What is the fundamental characteristic of Italian Sneakers BnG Real Shoes?

You can not go to a store and buy them. You have to go to their website and choose the style (either lace up high top or low sneaker), and the colors (of the shoe itself, the laces, and the sole), in a fun personalized shopping experience that I invite you to try here.

From the moment of your purchase, you order goes to the production department and BnG Real Shoes start to build them from scratch. The whole process is a mix between the traditional system of making a pair of shoes at the shoemaker and the modern experience of shopping on the web.

Italian Sneakers BnG Real Shoes, real leather, and Italian design

Each shoe is made from all leather which has been individually dyed with specific water-based colors, each with a particular name. The shoes are then hand sewn onto a “Vero Cuoio” (real leather) insole with the technique known as “San Crispino,” a method of production used at the beginning of the 20th century in which stitching connects the shoe to the sole.

What makes Italian Sneakers BNG Shoes innovative? The front toe cap, made in “Vero Cuoio,” and inserted into the San Crispino seam, an element for which they have an international patent.

Production time is four weeks more or less, but these shoes are definitely worth the wait. As Gotthold Ephraim Lessing said, “To look forward to pleasure is also a pleasure!

What can we say but…

Well done !!

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