Rosso Venezia

Made in Italy luxury shoes

After Ninali Attitude fashion in Turin and Toniol’s ceramics in Perugia, we talk about Veneto.

The Brenta Riviera evokes fascinating villas, frescoed ceilings, well-kept gardens: one of the cultural heritage that better expresses the idea of Italian style. Alongside this architectural and historical beauty, there’s a productive area of artisanal excellences: the shoe district.

Rosso Venezia is one of them.

The name itself suggests velvet cloaks, masks and old times splendour. But let’s go beyond it: high quality and craftsmanship identify this footwear brand, which is undoubtedly one of the most esteemed by the big names of international fashion.

I found it with a simple Instagram research: after seeing a magnificent pair of boots, I wanted to discover something more about their creator…

Daniele Martignon is the shoemaker who founded this company based in Ballò di Mirano in 2013, along with fourteen female employees. He chose them because the art of sewing the upper of a shoe – essential for a perfect fit – has always been a women’s prerogative, since it was originally done at home.

Even though Rosso Venezia works with big fashion names, Daniele has some solid principles: he says no to the wild de-localization, no to the outlaw and low-cost laboratories, no to the product speculations and exploitation. Prestigious brands and artisans can do a fantastic job together: a craftsman has no time to get a global market vision and that’s when the ethical brand comes into play.

“Craftsmen and ethical brands need to work together with a fair division of labor.”

Daniele Martignon, Rosso Venezia

Rosso Venezia

Made in Italy luxury footwear

Daniele Martignon is an idealist, a natural fighter, a man proud of his work and Italian heritage. He travelled around the world and taught in China and Eastern Europe, but every time he came back home, he strengthened his idea. He is a technician, not a manager, and the living proof that the best craftsmen are still Italian.

His footwear is the fruit of study, work, patience, mastery and attention to the client. If you wear them, you have to feel unique.

Daniele and his team work on the shoes fit. The adopted production process makes the upper and the insole united, while the lining becomes one with the sole. This way, the shoes are particularly comfortable and can be worn without any pain.

“If style is not accompanied by quality, shoes have no value.”

Daniele Martignon

Let’s say yes to the elegant and precious décolleté, the soft flat shoes, the boots. Rosso Venezia’s recurrent element is the mosaic: individually carved leather dowels are precisely sewn together, forming a mosaic that reminds the timeless elegance of the Serenissima palaces.

Daniele adopts natural tannings and patchwork applications to cut down the scraps and encourage the recycling of materials even if this requires more labor.

His goal is to produce unique and ethical footwear, entirely Made in Italy, focusing on the product personalization – with 3D digital foot scanning technologies – to reflect the client’s uniqueness.

Bravo Daniele!

P.S. Coming soon, his app to take 3D pictures of your feet and be able to order online a customized pair of shoes.

P.P.S. Here’s Rosso Venezia’s website, to contact Daniele and discover which model suits you best.

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