Opposite Jewels

Italian Jewelry

When we talk about jewelry, we talk about goldsmithing, ancient craftsmanship, new experimentations, study and research, talent, and sacrifice.

When we talk about jewelry, we talk about Made in Italy.

After the refined design of Susanna Ongaro and the metal weaving of Joy-Jo, we continue to spotlight Italian jewelers with Opposite Jewels.

The heart and soul is Antonello Malfa, known for his creation of shell rings and use of “precious” resins in his jewelry.

Antonello began his career as a master goldsmith in 2001 when he launched Atlantide Jewelry in Oltrepò Pavese, a town near Pavia in the province of Lombardy.

Atlantide jewelry embodies the power of the sea and the wisdom of generations of Italian artisans, concentrated in a unique, precious, wearable sculpture.

The continuous search for experimental and innovative techniques along with the use of precious materials expertly mixed with standard ones resulted in the creation of a new brand in 2012, Opposite Jewels.

"With Opposite Jewels I use the magic of symbolic transformation, of timeless arcane art and of the transmutation of base metal into gold."

Antonello Malfa

Opposite Jewels

Made in Italy

If Atlantide Jewelry symbolizes the sea, the sun and the breath of nature, then Opposite Jewels is winter and the sigh of the earth.

In these precious objects, Antonello finds the magic of symbolic transformation, of the transmutation of metal into gold.

All the creations are made in Orite, the “Gold” material that is new to the jewelry world but created through a deposit process according to old world craftsmanship.

Each piece is one of a kind, has it’s own name and comes in a small chest along with a certificate of authenticity, testimony to it’s unique nature.

The great lands and ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean, from which our own culture has sprung, inspire every name.

The handcrafted quality of Opposite Jewels and Atlantide Gioielli translates into timeless works of art.

Great work Antonello!

You can contact Antonello Malfa through his website.

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