Dream in a Box: roses to unwrap

Francesca Giuli’s roses

Someone is at the door: “Flowers for you!

The courier’s voice anticipates an unexpected gift. And it’s just the beginning! A box of roses makes a stylish entrance, while the scent of flowers spreads through the air.

It reminds me of black and white movies from the ’40s, where fabulous actresses in evening gowns gently opened boxes of roses with their blinking eyes framed by the camera.

This elegant and nowadays almost forgotten kind of delivery had a revival in contemporary Russia and was recently brought to Rome by Francesca Giuli.

"Flowers not only decorate a house but tell us about its owner. Roses express elegance and simplicity"

Dream in a Box

Boxed roses by Dream in a Box

A gift idea

Francesca is a forty-seven years old roman mother who decided to quit her job as an event planner to stay close to her family. Since she’s a dynamic woman who never gives up, she didn’t sit on her hands and shortly gave life to her new business, Dream in a Box, in April 2017.

The elegant rose delivery service is just a small part of her work. She also decorates private homes, professional studios and events with her wonderful flowers

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck”(Emma Goldman)

A Made in Italy gift

The special-size boxes are carefully selected: they must be beautiful and durable, in round or square shape.

The same applies to the flowers: the big bud Dutch rose is one of the top of the market. Each flower is skilfully cut and put on a sponge with a special process.

You can also ask for stabilized roses that last for more than a year.

Have a look here: www.dreaminabox.it

Brava Francesca!

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