4 easy tips to improve your body shape

Tiziana Pregliasco

It’s summer at last! Follow these 4 easy tips to gradually improve your lifestyle

1. INCREASE your outdoors activity: summer time is perfect to enjoy open spaces and exercise outdoors.

Get the right clothing, comfortable and light, then take advantage of parks, beaches and sea. If you go on holiday in a touristic city, visit it on a run or fast walk; otherwise if you like being in good company, challenge your friends to a beach volley, basket, soccer or tennis match; there are small courts everywhere, mostly affordable and easy to rent so… go for them! It will be funny and definitely a good workout.

Staying outdoors oxygenates your body, helps you tan, frees endorphins and stimulates vitamin D, which fixes calcium in your bones.

2. REDUCE the use of cast iron and iron weights, too often (and sadly) available indoors. Prefer, instead, a free body workout: it’s fashionable and extremely effective; you can practice it anywhere and it helps you to identify your body levers.

Calisthenic, primitive movement, spartan… choose your favourite workout and practice it within your means; the secret is to favour movement on different levels, using your body as a weight, trying to reintroduce lost motor patterns from our evolutionary heritage.

Therefore roll, stretch, bend, flex, crawl, jump and have fun like a baby. You’ll soon feel more sinuous and strong, but be careful: sedentary life makes you easily out of practice, so the key word is always gradualism!

3. STOP doing exercise during midday hours, please. I wonder why the good season inspires brilliant minds to reduce themselves like a squeezed (or better, tortured) sponge under the hot sun!

At the same time, there’s a proliferation of people dressed with airtight outfits to promote sweating; this makes them feel a much bigger effort, affects their performances and may easily cause collapses… without any good reason!

It isn’t a good way neither to loose weight nor to eliminate toxins. The only result is to look ridiculous and risk mobilizing Red Cross volunteers that could be more useful by helping elder people in trouble.

4. INTRODUCE a hydro-saline supplement, cool and energetic: it’s crucial to stay hydrated for a longer time without losing strength. You can do it by yourself if you want, in a very simple, cheap and fast way. Read about it HERE.

Follow these four tips and keep in touch with me: we will soon repeat the same scheme to change and improve your summer nutrition.

Tiziana Pregliasco