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Patty Shelabarger’s eyewear (and further more)

What’s common to Malibu, Los Angeles, Bali, London, India, Sardinia, Rome and Bassano del Grappa?

It’s obvious… they all had the pleasure to host Patrizia Shelabarger, creative designer, messy genius, strong woman and loving mother. Patrizia is a proud Italian-American: her bright personality mixes Italian sense of beauty and history with courage and confidence typical of the American Dream.

Patty’s history is so colourful: she travelled the world at a very young age; then she started making her first clothes in Bali, where she opened a small factory to keep her collections secret until they reached their destination. The most famous boutiques in the world chose them for their shop windows. As an estimated designer, she pioneered a new trend: the end of minimalism. Jeffrey and Henri Bendel in New York, Gente in Rome, Biffi in Milan, Harrods in London displayed her models in those days.

It was the late ‘90s – early 2000 and she tackled the minimalist and black hegemony of that time with her colourful creations. Prada and other top fashion brands, thanks to designers like Patty, had to transform their monochromatic collections and open to colour on runways.

For more than a decade she was everywhere in major cities around the world, turning her pink hair into a distinctive, unmistakable synonymous with colour and joy. Patty dressed many women in show business, including Madonna, who defined her creativity “full of love” in an interview for WWD, the most famous American magazine.

"The designer’s heart is in every pair of Patty Paillette glasses, which are totally made in Italy"

Design Made in Italy

Patty Paillette eyewear

Designed by Patrizia Shelabarger

At the top of her career, she became a mother, taking some time off and working as a consultant in the movie industry. A few years later she made her debut with Patty Paillette, a brand that fits her like a glove, and she directed her feminine passion for colour to eyewear.

The designer’s heart is in every pair of Patty Paillette glasses, which are totally made in Italy: from the Veneto mountains, that hide the most talented craftsmen in the world, to the Sicily and Sardinia sea colours, where the blue water meets the Mediterranean scrub, to the Capri floral fragrances.

Sea is a hallmark in Patty’s creativity.

The Patty Paillette flagship store in Rome, in Via dei Coronari, is a place where women from all around the world come to try, play and buy a large variety of multi-coloured glasses and sunglasses. Patty gives all her clients the best advises to find tones, frames and shades that suits them: you can loose years from your face just with a pair of glasses and that’s someway magical! Female entertainers, intellectuals and journalists wear them every day: look for instance at Cesara Buonamici on TG5.

Along with all these frames there’s a novelty: a collection of colourful clogs, all made in Italy, comfortable and so light you’ll forget you are wearing them.

Patty affirms: “the greatest satisfaction for a designer can’t lie in the creation of dated projects. The real success is to live in the time and hearts of those who purchase your creations”.

Her next opening will be in Los Angeles… Watch out for Patty Paillette!


Brava Patrizia!

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