Feofeo, the alchemist of color

The Art of painting the soul

If she were matter, she would be water.
If she were fabric, she would surely be silk.
If she were music, she would be Vivaldi’s Gloria.

Following the portraits of Laura Aprile, we are excited to feature another artist on our website, Federica Oddone, the painter known as Feofeo.

She is based in Asti, in the province of Piedmont, and her work raises us up, expressing the true vibrations of the soul with colored shadow and tonal differences.

Federica was born in Alessandria, a small city also in Piedmont, near Milan and Turin. Ethereal, sophisticated and ladylike, she has always cultivated a passion for art guided and inspired by her strong familial ties.

The name Feofeo is a play on words (feo in Spanish means ugly).

Starting out as an artist, it wasn’t long before Federica abandoned figurative painting in order to express her deeper inner impressions. She does so with a simple gradation of color, sometimes with sweetness sometimes with the force of a hurricane.

“I have a constant flow of intuitive thought, like a message that comes from the heart and transforms into color.”


Feofeo, the alchemist of color

The Art of painting the soul

Feofeo defies trends and conventionality. With her art, she tries to give shape to thoughts and to represent and interpret the human soul.

Painting for Feofeo is a way to access this hidden part of the human spirit, and it is why she searches deep into the darkest and most unknown corners of the consciousness, bringing an amazing inner dimension to the canvas.

In this way she works as an alchemist, allowing the color itself to express the sacredness of the soul.

We must take time to linger on her works of art, to enter them with our mind, caress the nuances of color with our gaze, and appreciate the infinite perceptions of space and overlapping of matter. Only if you look with an open mind, will the works reveal themselves to you as portals to another world, full of veiled and subliminal messages.

If it is true that art must convey a message, look no further than the paintings of Federica Oddone, the artist Feofeo, for they will fill your soul.

Great work Federica!

You can find the artist Feofeo on her website, on the Alfieri Gallery website, or Galleria Alfieri website, or on social media channels Facebook,  Instagram, Linkedin, Google, Twitter and YouTube.

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