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Made in Italy

Anna Fornari’s jewels

At the conclusion of the Design Week, we introduce you to the conceptual and stylistic path of Anna Fornari a sensitive and creative goldsmith and artist, which transforms the traditional jewel’s idea in some new, elegant experiments.

Her exhibition space is located in Perugia, Umbria, in Via dei Priori 30, along the ancient Etruscan axis and Roman Decumanus Street, while her studio is nearby, in via Deliziosa 9, another characteristic road in the old city.

"Anna Fornari is a goldsmith, artist and designer that expresses feelings and inspirations through jewels"

Made in Italy

Anna Fornari


Anna Fornari is a goldsmith, artist and designer that expresses feelings and inspirations through jewels.

Her research is never predictable neither ordinary. Anna constantly fascinates you with her use of materials and peculiar eye on everyday objects. She transforms, revises and interprets them in unique pieces to create empathy between observer and wearer.

Jewellery should never be slave of etiquettes: you should be allowed to use it depending on your mood.

Her work’s efficiency, research and aesthetic taste brought Anna to the attention of the Italian and international contemporary jewellery world, with numerous awards already on her shelf. Her creations are exhibited at the Pitti Palace, inside the contemporary jewellery section of the Silver Museum.

Anna is currently involved in the SKIN exhibition at the prestigious Museum of Jewellery of Vicenza, where you can admire one pin from her Cavità series.

Talking of this, she affirms: “It would be nice if all the Italian museums enhanced artistic craftsmanship, working on specific events to create a real dialogue and comparison with the permanent museum collections. In this way craftsmen, as artists of our time, would be much more appreciated, thanks to a proper communication of the manual culture”.


Brava Anna!

Gallery: Anna Fornari Art