The Italian Cameo in Venice: Eredi Jovon

The Art of Portraiture on Jewelry

On the Rialto bridge in the heart of beautiful Venice, there is a small historic jewellery store that still practices the precise art of Italian cameo carving, portraying faces in delicate base-relief.

This is the shop of the Eredi Jovon (Jovon Heirs), and their Italian cameos are gorgeous masterpieces of the highest craftsmanship, prêt-à-porter jewelry, and works of art that you can wear every day. We often talk about Italian jewelry, and we are proud to say that the cameos of the Eredi Jovon are an emblem of Made in Italy.

In Italy elegance is part of our culture.

The Italian cameo has an extraordinary life story, with periods of highs and lows in popularity. Now, as in the past, the Jovon family works shells, coral, and other stones to create timeless and expressive pieces of jewelry.

In 1934 Luciano Jovon first opened his store to hand make cameos, and in 1943 his son Bruno joined him. Since 1988, Bruno’s son Marco and his mother Gabriella have taken over the business, producing cameos in the digital age with the craftsmanship of the past.

“It is essential to understand where we come from in order to understand where we want to go.”

Marco Jovon

The Italian Cameo in Venice: Eredi Jovon

The Art of Portraiture on Jewelry

Eredi Jovon makes a vast selection of Italian cameos and recently started creating personalized jewelry to satisfy all tastes.

The first step in making a cameo is to choose the material (either shell, coral, or stone). This material can then be cut to size, shaped and placed on a support to prepare it for the carving process. A design is chosen, and with passion, and imagination the engraving comes to life. Each Italian cameo is unique and has a different thickness and size: A custom setting is added to turn it into a pendant, a ring or a brooch.

For true enthusiasts, check out the brochure by Eredi Joven that teaches you how to recognize real cameos from fake ones, and antique from modern, as well as how to properly maintain your work of art for years to come.

And most importantly, the cameo is a jewel that should be worn alone!

Beautiful work!!!

You can find the Eredi Joven store in Venice at Ponte di Rialto 5325, or on their website, Instagram and Facebook page.