Tabarro: elegance is a perfect wheel

Tabarro the perfect Italian man's cloak

One continuous cut, without a break.

It represents the end and the principle, perfection made garment: in a single word, it’s the Tabarro.

It could be commonly defined as a man’s cloak to wear over a coat or even better over a dress, quoting BoccaccioI will paw you this tabarro, so that you believe me” and Vergamy grandfather looks better now, they put him in the doorway, under the sun, wrapped in his tabarro”.

For me the Tabarro is a romantic outwear. As soon as it surrounds you, you start a journey through history and the many shades of this mantle: from the Roman Senators toga to the cloak worn by officers in high uniform.

I had a chance to try it at the handicraft fair in Milan and it’s like a real hug.

The 15-18 tabarro is the shortest model. It starred as part of the troops and officers’ uniform of the Italian Army during the First World War. At that time it was mainly made of Alto Piave warm melange wool, with a manly touch typical of the military world.

"I’m fascinated by the history of costume, by the pursuit of beauty, especially in the venetian tradition."

Sandro Zara

The Tabarro

A romantic outwear

Nowadays it’s produced by Venetian entrepreneur Sandro Zara. His professional history is full of great collaborations. It’s no coincidence that this is the same life motive of Maria Laura Berlinguer’s guest editors, all committed to the pursuit of beauty. I immediately felt like home, here.

Sandro Zara was strongly determined to re-propose the use of this famous garment in Italy, with the idea that the Tabarro could be appreciated even today. It seemed like a big challenge, but the second I wore it, it romantically transported me to the future.

"Let’s find back our traditional garments and wear them again."

The Italian Tabarro

From the past to the future, that’s the direction to follow! Let’s find back our traditional garments and wear them again. It’s such a pity to lose all those beautiful handcrafted products.

That’s why I chose to write about this particular cloak, embracing Sandro’s determination in producing and relaunching it. There should be a tabarro for everyone

Dear Sandro Zara, I want to finish my post with a poetic license worthy of a romantic character like the Cyrano de Bergerac of fashion. “Determined, but dreaming, the Tabarro flows from the mind that imagines it to the hand that draws and produces it. It’s like a succession of quatrains rhyming on a single fabric: Tabarro is pure, modern poetry.

I would love to see it in any male (and, why not, female) outfit.

Let the challenge begin. We meet it.

Next purchase? My Tabarro. Where? Also in the website!

Gerardo Cappelli
Guest Editor per Maria Laura Berlinguer

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