Roza Goneva Silk Scarves Made in Italy

Designed in California, Made in Italy

After Sladana Kristc, the “Made in Italy” Croatian designer, here’s another post for our #IloveItaly section, dedicated to foreigners helping to make our country great and Italians spreading our style and culture throughout the world.

Today we are featuring Roza Goneva, a Bulgarian artist who designs wonderful Made in Italy silk scarves, from her home in California. How? Listen to her beautiful story.

Roza Goneva, beautiful scarves from art

Roza Goneva grew up in a country rich in history, in a city that was a Roman stronghold in the first century AD. Let us also remember that Byzantium dominated silk production in Europe throughout the Middle Ages until the founding of the Italian silk industry in the 12th century. Roza developed her artistic sensibilities surrounded by Byzantine art and the richness of Bulgarian iconography, and these influences have remained important to her work throughout her career.

After receiving numerous international prizes and awards and after moving to the United States, Roza Goneva started making beautiful scarves from her works of art.

“I was born in Bulgaria in a city with an ancient history, in which the Romans played an important role.”

Roza Goneva

The use of bright colors, gold, and drawings: her style is indeed distinctive. Roza Goneva explores recurrent themes present in ancient frescoes, relics, and armor. From the flower to the warrior woman, the subjects are always presented with a particular power that captures the attention.

Roza Goneva is now a listed international artist and her pieces are included in various permanent collections around the world. She bases her scarf designs on her original paintings and hand drawings and considers them to be a form of wearable art. Consequently, their printing and production must reflect the quality of her paintings.

A form of wearable art

Such a high quality can only be achieved in Italy.

Roza Goneva scarves are in fact, made in Como by an Italian company – the only one that has managed to capture the marvelous distinctive colors of her painting on fabric.

“Quality, elegance, differentiation and luxury, a lifestyle and way of life. Made in Italy means all of this, but also gives you the confidence that the best was made for you.”

Roza Goneva

Roza Goneva Silk Scarves Made in Italy

Designed in California, Made in Italy

The paintings are prepared and then printed on Italian silk, or cashmere blend. Afterward, they are finished by hand. Every stage of production, from preparation to printing, from labeling to folding and packaging, is carried out in Como. After packing the scarves are shipped to California and sold in select luxury stores.

The scarves are divided into four lines:

Warriors of Fashion. A warrior woman who defends female values. A woman who fights for what she believes in: life, love, fashion.

Echoes of Eternity. Time and eternity. It is in the nature of man to tell stories, myths, and legends about life and eternity.

Messengers of Dreams. The wings are a symbol of lightness and spirituality. They are an expression of freedom and rejuvenation of the body and spirit.

Fields of Enchantment. While the warrior’s helmet is a symbol of nobility, fame, power, and protection, the flower is a symbol of beauty, desire, strength and passionate love.

The scarves have found loyal followers around the world for their timeless beauty.

What a fantastic artist!

Beautiful work Roza.

You can buy them on her website.

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