Massimo Quartararo Hairdresser

“Made in Italy” in Washington D.C.

Did you know that Italians living abroad make Italy great?

Really!! This is why with the #IloveItaly column I share the stories of Italians who are making a name for our style around the world.

After Claudia Casu and her cooking school in Tokyo, we move to the United States, where Massimo Quartararo has created a beauty salon and hair product company in Washington D.C. Massimo is from Sassuolo, a small town in the province of Modena, in Emilia-Romagna.

A passionate jazz musician, Massimo left Italy twenty years ago at the age of 29, to experience jazz in America first hand. Music wasn’t his main occupation, but it certainly brought him to where he is today.

With a voice full of energy and a wide smile, Massimo Quartararo tells the story of his life with joy – from the music of Thelonius Monk to the beauty salon and on to his company that produces high-quality hair products.

“Being Italian is an advantage. Americans adore our style and our approach to life... and they are right to!”

Massimo Quartararo Hairdresser

Massimo Quartararo now lives in Washington D.C., has two children and a store with his Israeli business partner.

Still not satisfied with his achievements, Massimo Quartararo founded a joint venture with a biophysical engineer to produce and distribute worldwide a line of innovative hair products. After extensive research, they are ready to launch a new product this year at the New York Hair Show. Nano DryFix System is specially designed with a unique patented ingredient based on keratin microcapsules that aid in the reconstruction of damaged and dry hair.

“I have been successful because I had a great teacher and school- Italy shaped me well”

Massimo Quartararo hairdresser

Massimo Quartararo Hairdresser

“Made in Italy” in Washington D.C.

The U.S. and Italy have very different systems of technical training: In Italy they focus on manual skill formation while in the United States being up to date and having excellent instructors is more valued.

I like that the American system is based on merit,” says Massimo Quartararo. “If you are good, you are able to move forward and succeed! Entrepreneurship is rewarded by a simplified bureaucracy!

If you walk the streets of Washington in the late evening, you can still find Massimo Quartararo and his quintet of Italian Pop music, the MusiChianti, performing in popular clubs – because one’s roots and passions are never forgotten!

Bravo Massimo!

P.S. P.S. You can find him via his beauty salon, Eyma Salon and Spa or buy his innovative products online from the website.

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