Unexpected land of ancient myth and magic!

Sardinia is not a place you stumble upon by accident. Those who arrive here do so intentionally, either by sea or by air.

Today we want to take you off the beaten track to discover the Sardinia that lies beyond the luxury hotels and heavenly beaches for which it is known.

“We are the scents of flowering plants, juniper, and dried salt, that, transported by the sea breeze, blend with the colors of an archaic, proud and sometimes magical land. We are the millennia of history and traditions that still thrive and continue to be strengthened in this extraordinary island, halfway between heaven and earth.”

We bring you to the oldest, most authentic, and hidden part of the island, far removed from the classic tourist route.

An unforgettable destination!

You can’t claim to have visited Sardinia if you have not been to at least one Nuraghe, or Casa delle Fate (House of the Fairies). These archeological remains are evidence of the advanced construction techniques and ancestral devotion practiced by the Nuragic civilization, which inhabited Sardinia 5,000 years ago.

Unexpected Sardinia “i Nuraghi”.

Nuraghe is, in fact, a megalithic building of this ancient people. Large stone structures that can reach a height of up to 20 meters, they are only found here, and over 7,000 of them are scattered throughout the island.

They appear on the sides of the roads, isolated in the middle of clearings, on the slopes of the mountains, or surrounded by villages of huts, dusty in the August sun and covered with moss in winter.

They are all similar, but also different, each in its own particular way.

Just entering the interior, one notices immediately the magnificence of these unique buildings, built stone on stone, without mortar, like fairy castles. The Nuraghe Santu Antine is particularly worth visiting.

Situated about 50 Km south of Sassari in the countryside of Torralba, The Valley of the Nuraghi, it will leave you breathless.

A Nuragic Palace with cyclopean walls, tall towers, long corridors and expansive rooms, it tells the story of an intriguing and fascinating people, still shrouded in mystery.


Sardinia: Unexpected land of ancient myth and magic!

Near the medieval village of Castelsardo, among the alleyways that surround the ancient castle of the Doria, there is a naturally occurring rock formation that for millennia has greeted travelers with its “trunk.”

It is called Elephant Rock because of its shape, which resembles a large seated elephant: Over 4 meters high, this boulder was carved out by the north-west Mistral winds.

The rock is not only a natural phenomenon but also encompasses two chamber tombs of the Neolithic period, which popular legend says safeguard magical fairies and are therefore called Domus de Janas (Houses of the Fairies), Janas meaning fairy in the Sardinian language.

Sardinia: Unexpected land of ancient myth and magic. The Houses of the Fairies

According to tradition, these Janas (fairies) are small feminine creatures, so delicate that they only venture out in the moonlight, to protect children in their cribs. By day the Janas take refuge in their houses made of stone, where they create priceless gold filigree jewelry with their delicate hands.

Inside the Elephant Rock, you can see their little rooms, decorated in base-relief with ancestral and mystical symbols like the bull.

Over 2,500 Domus de Janas have been found on the island, and they are carved out of rocky slopes and cliffs, creating underground labyrinths. In these Neolithic tombs, the dead were both buried and celebrated with important images such as the Sun and the Bull, symbols of male strength, and the Moon and the Mediterranean Mother Goddess, symbols of female fertility.

In Sardinia, you will find all of this, and much more: once you fall in love with the island, you will return again and again to discover all it has to offer.

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