Bagella 1932 Tailored Garments

Appreciating Traditional Sardinian Attire

Everyone knows of Sardinia, and many have even visited it.

Those who have, know that Sardinia, from its perfume to its panoramas, is a place that stays in your heart and thoughts.

But perhaps few realize that you can also wear, and take away with you a piece of Sardinia.

After the organic cosmetics of Herb Sardinia, we move to a world of velvet, tailored suits, leather, and orbace, a unique Sardinia fabric. Bagella 1932 is a producer of traditional Sardinian attire designed with a modern twist. Their creations are brought to life by founders Arnaldo and Michelina Bagella.

“We wanted to bring traditional Sardinian attire out of a folkloric context, and instead give it a stylish and sartorial connotation.”

Rinaldo e Michelina Bagella

Bagella 1932

“Think globally and act locally” David Brower

Rinaldo and Michelina Bagella have created a line of tailored clothing in the Sardinian style that can be used every day. With the help of E-commerce, and their packaging studio, they were able to create the first Sardinian Concept Store.

Bagella 1932 Sardinia: appreciating local excellence in opposition to homogenization.

Bagella 1932 uses velvet, orbace, linen and cotton fabrics, all artisanally woven on looms and often dyed with natural plant dyes.

Orbace is a woolen fabric unique to Sardinia. It is produced using an ancient method, in which the fabric is submersed in hot soapy water and put under high pressure. This allows the fibers to meld together and creates a highly compact fabric.

The velvet used by Bagella 1932 has the consistency of shaved fur, which gives it an opaque aspect similar to that of moleskin. Instead of a decorative or ‘frilly’ feel, as would typically be expected from a velvet, it is instead durable and resistant, characteristics typical of a fabric designed for daily use or labor.

In support of local talent and ethical production, Bagella 1932 produces all of their garments and accessories entirely in Sardinia. Talented artisans and tailors render each garment unique, personalized, and “limited edition.”

Well done Arnaldo and Michelina!!

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