Rocco P. An Intellectual in the World of Footwear

Creating Poetry with the Hands and the Head

We are in Italy and, as I shared with the pieces on Vittorio Livi and Fiam, the most fascinating Italian companies are founded out of passion, tradition and love of beauty.

Beauty is something that in Italy we have a lot of. Beauty not only found in our landscapes, monuments and arts, but also a beauty experienced through our expertise and know-how, which give value and meaning to the world around us.

Rocco P. Creating Poetry with the Hands and the Head

This is what we are discussing today: Not fashion, not brands, and not the fashion system. We are talking about poetry and craftsmanship, and about shoes and intelligence.

Famous shoe designer Rocco Pistonesi is the creator of the brand Rocco P., and with his personal vision of beauty, will lead us through his world of elegance, culture and quality.

Rocco takes us to his town of Torre San Patrizio in the Marche region, a land of great Italian tradition and craftsmanship. We cross the moat of the medieval village, and savor the landscape and the fragrances all around us: the eyes are filled with beauty, the senses perceive the smell of coffee, and the heart quickens at a warm Italian smile.

“With my shoes, you bring with you the tradition of Italian craftsmanship, kisses on the cheeks and love for life.”

Rocco Pistonesi

Rocco P. shoes truly embody Made in Italy. They pair elegant, at times whimsical, design with traditional quality workmanship. Their styles and shapes never go out of style, and lend a timeless air to these shoes, designed for out of the ordinary people who do not follow fashion trends. Wearers choose them because they are beautiful, well made, and naturally elegant.

Each shoe is marked with “Handmade in Torre San Patrizio,” to remember that behind their creation are thousands of years of art, culture and beauty; to remember the smell of coffee and the smiles of the Italian people. Every detail is pure poetry: the best leathers, zippers, seams, and finishes.

Rocco P. beautiful, well made, and naturally elegant.

My favorite? The chunky-heeled boot, the pillar of every wardrobe. A unique shoe: it doesn’t hurt your back and or tire you out, plus you can wear it with anything from a tuxedo to jeans.

Rocco P. is a little bit like his shoes: a nostalgic dandy, a creative thinker, and a designer who shows us what happens when fashion meets brains and art.

This is the Made in Italy that I want to share and promote!

Great work Rocco!

You can find Rocco on his website!

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