Olivia Monteforte shoes custom Made in Italy

The Magic of Leather Craftsmanship

We continue our adventures in the world of tailor-made artisanal shoes. After Le Mastro, we bring you another producer of custom-made shoes: Olivia Monteforte.

Based in Pesaro in the Marche region, Olivia Monteforte’s workshop and atelier merge together into one big open space. Visitors experience the production process from the inside, where they can observe and browse among the machinery and the smells of leather, hide and glue.

Olivia Monteforte shoes: The Magic of Leather Craftsmanship

Olivia Monteforte holds a degree in Philosophy and a diploma in Footwear Design, both of which she applies to creating tailor-made shoes. In her workshop, there are no samples, but instead individual prototypes that she makes from scratch, based on each client’s dreams.

The design process always begins with a “philosophical chat,” in which Olivia’s role is to understand exactly the dreams of her client. The next step is to start sketching and developing the model and the shape, as well as choosing details such as which type of leather sole to use. Finally, she produces a trial shoe that can be perfected together with the client.

“I want to communicate what it means to be Made in Italy and made by hand, to show the space in which my creations are born, and to demonstrate the transparency of my work.”

Olivia Monteforte

Olivia Monteforte shoes Custom Made in Italy

The Magic of Leather Craftsmanship

The shape of each pair of shoes is personalized and bears the name of the person who has chosen it. All of the raw materials used are the result of continuous and scrupulous research. Each shoe is unique

Olivia Monteforte believes in the real Made in Italy, and in sharing the artisanal process, even with those who are far away. In order to better facilitate this, she created a 360° Storytelling project together with Massimiliano Camillucci and Federico Brocani.

Olivia Monteforte shoes, Magic with Leather and Storytelling

Under the blue sole of each Olivia Monteforte shoe, they have printed a QR Code capable of taking you on a 360° video and virtual reality experience into the true artisan world.

Wonderful work Olivia!!!

You can find Olivia Monteforte shoes on her Instagram and Linkedin or in the portal of Federico Brocani Marchecraft. Her website is currently under construction, but will be up and running soon!.

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