Antonio De Patrizi Neapolitan Leather Goods

Handbags and Other Wonders Made in Italy

Today we take you to Naples, a wonderful city rich in culture and traditions, to tell you the story of a Made in Italy brand: Antonio De Patrizi.

We previously talked about the Neapolitan leather goods sector with Ornella Auzino, blogger and excellent judge of Italian leather products. Thanks to her, today we share a piece of Italian history, the kind that is passed down from father to son and which transmits the fine art of working leather.

Antonio De Patrizi an Italian fairy tale

Antonio De Patrizi was created by two brothers, Antonio and Patrizio Braccia. Descendants of a family of Neapolitan artisans, in 1999 they decided to open their own workshop in the heart of Naples to produce leather products for designers and third party clients.

Thanks to the appreciation and recognition of their work, in 2007 they were able to debut a new brand, fusing their names together to create: Antonio De Patrizi.

Their design studio offers handmade leather products such as belts, handbags, work bags, travel items, briefcases and wallets, that are always unique and original.

“We love our city and we draw strength and inspiration from it!”

Antonio e Patrizio Braccia

Antonio De Patrizi Neapolitan Leather Goods

Handbags and Other Wonders Made in Italy

They try to understand and interpret the true spirit of the objects they are making, or giving a new life. This means that they work closely with their customers, listening to their needs and dreams, and inviting them to participate in the choice of materials and accessories.

Like Sofia Monsurrò, they take their inspiration from art, from the monuments of their city, and from their neighborhood where every corner is full of stories waiting to be told. For them and for anyone who chooses an article in the Antonio De Patrizi line, Naples is at the heart of everything.

Antonio De Patrizi Hold seminars in their workshop

They use only the highest quality materials suitable for their select clientele, and work with a range of leather from cowhide to deerskin, and crocodile to python. In some cases they have even treated the hides themselves, to ensure truly unique and original workmanship.

Antonio and Patrizio don’t want to only create beautiful handbags and accessories, they also want to also want to hold seminars in their workshop to share the importance of Neopolitan craftsmanship and leather goods with the broader community.

Well done!

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