The house in the singing wood: a fairy tale holiday

House for rent - Umbria

Aquasparta’s cicadas

In Umbria, land of woods and farmhouses, there’s a small town of Roman origin a few kilometres from Spoleto. Its name, Aquas Partas, comes from its position between two springs, Amerino and Furapane. Amerino water, that is mineral and curative, is known since the Medieval time as St. Francis’ water: the story goes that St. Francis used it to improve his ill health during the numerous pilgrimages in this area.

In Acquasparta there’s a stone house surrounded by lush vegetation, which offers shelter from the sun and peace from the noisy everyday life. It’s a holiday home. We dream to be seated in the shaded patio and listen to the melodious song of cicadas in the perfect quiet of this land.

"This house can serve as a refuge throughout the year"

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This place is a charming blend of antique furniture and modern features.

You may choose to dine outdoors near the shadowy pool or in the cool dining room under the stern look of knights and ladies. Otherwise, you can simply search for a lonely corner in the surrounding park.

If you lodge in this wonderful place in May you can join the Cherries Party, while in September you can walk along the paths eating very sweet figs.

This house can serve as a refuge throughout the year: in the most strenuous moments just think about cicadas’ song and come here to find peace and serenity into the woods.

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