Cappellificio Sorbatti: The Panama Montecristi

Made in Italy

Summertime, hot weather, noon sun. We need suitcases and a fresh straw hat to complete our beach look and protect from the sun. One of those capable of coming out of the suitcase wrinkle-less (and you know how difficult it is…).

My choice is undoubtedly a Panama hat.

Maybe because its white reminds me of elegant men wearing elegant hats, maybe because you can easily roll it when it’s time to pack. Let’s discover it.

Panama hat has a history: when you wear it, it makes you feel part of an era.

"In Italy, in the Marche, a family-run company produces excellent Panama hats in full respect of its tradition and materials"

Cappellificio Sorbatti

Cappellificio Sorbatti

Perfect to roll and put in a suitcase.

In Italy, in the Marche, a family-run company produces excellent Panama hats in full respect of its tradition and materials.

It was 1922 when in Montappone – a village between Fermo and Macerata – Attilio Sorbatti and his wife Ester started a business which is still active 80 years later: Cappellificio Sorbatti. From the founder Attilio to the three sons Filippo, Ermanno and Nerino until the third generation, the nephews Marco and Attilio. Over the years, this company has progressively grown, still remaining family-run.

The legendary Ecuadorian hat is produced here.

You’ve read it correctly: the Panama Montecristi hat wasn’t born in Panama, but in Ecuador, in the Montecristi village, and was named Panama jus because this city has been the main gateway for its trade along centuries. The story goes that President Roosevelt wore it during the Panama Canal inauguration and since then this model became very popular.

Its production is still the same after centuries and is based on several steps. First of all the wires – coming from the small Toquilla palm tree – are hand-woven. This process takes from 3 to 6 months, since the weave is very thick. Moreover, all this work must be done early in the morning, when the air is fresh, to prevent any fibre’s break. That’s the secret to make the Panama hat so easy to roll, long-lasting and lightweight. Perfect to roll and put in a suitcase.

Sorbatti, faithful to the hat traditions, selects the best Ecuadorian raw materials and works them according to the Italian taste.

You can find this wonderful hat in the company’s headquarter, if you want to make a trip to Montappone, between Fermo and Macerata, or order it online here. Look at how many variants!

Bravi Sorbatti!

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