Chiffon to dream about

Paola Vanacore Couture

Its colour scheme makes you sigh and leaves you speechless. It strikes all your senses as the spring triumph on the slopes of Mount Fuji.

Shocking fuchsia dazzles you at first sight, then you slowly wake up and discover all the other colours:
white, orange, green, brown, black, perfect in their combinations. Which artistic excellence created such
colour palette?

Its flowers take you far away: to a fantasy river, where every colour is possible or to an exotic place, where
peonies and rhododendrons open in the morning among dewdrops. You can almost smell their perfume,
because of the strong dive into emotions it causes.

"Monsieur Chiffon is sensual, seductive, romantic and never over the top"

Paola Vanacore Made in Italy

My shocking spring: chiffon

Shocking fucsia

All this lies in a tiny, fluid, light chiffon silk handkerchief: so soft to fit in your hand, so shocking to make your fantasy explode. It wants to be opened, to show all its beauty and be admired. What does it want to be? It’s obvious! He is telling it through its colourful petals, through its graceful hand that nothing can curb.

Could it be a kimono shawl or an elegant and refined gown to stroll outside?

It could remember Paul Poiret and the ‘20s. Or could it be a long skirt, light and impalpable for a warm summer evening? Try to imagine what you would like to wear. Any garment made of this fabric will make you feel unique and admired.

Monsieur Chiffon is sensual, seductive, romantic and never over the top. It was born in China about 5,000 years ago, but arrived in Europe just in the last few centuries. This word comes from the French chiffe, which means rag. And this rag quickly became one of the most popular fabrics among upper classes.

Today every designer uses it for every kind of creation. No one seems immune to its charm.

Merci chiffon!
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