Perris Monte Carlo

An Italian company

Some scents have the incredible gift of transporting you to distant countries. There are unmistakable fragrances that distinguish the Middle East sunny DESERTS from the MADAGASCAR islands or the osmanthus forests of CHINA from the PACIFIC islands. You can wear them as an elegant evening gown or a precious silk stole and they will warm your senses like a sunset over the sea.

An Italian company, in contrast with the most common commercial policies of our times, chose to invest in the quality of their perfumes and beauty products.

Michele Perris, founder of PERRIS group, has always had a strong passion for perfumes. He started as a distributor, then he became a producer and finally an owner. He transmitted this passion to his children and nowadays, through the Perris Monte Carlo project, he brings his work counter to the marketing and brand’s exaltation policies, which often give too little attention to the product’s quality.

His company is a symbol of high quality and a synonym of perfumery masterpieces, thanks to its investments on research, with particular attention and passion for the study of raw materials.

"Each fragrance contains the most extraordinary and noble raw materials"

Perris Monta Carlo: family business

Perris Monte Carlo

Scents: around the world in a glass ampoule

Our perfume expert, MARIANGELA ROMOLI reports me that Perris perfumers have just released a classic, yet undeniably modern oriental collection, made to intrigue you with its varied and infinite breadth of essences. Each fragrance contains the most extraordinary and noble RAW MATERIALS, discovered through their travels around the world in contact with different cultures.

Their experience and overwhelming passion for rich and different cultures is well manifested in the last six fragrances of this collection; each of them evokes exclusivity, glamor and elegance. OUD IMPERIAL, my favourite one, is a dip into mysticism and spirituality. It comes from the dark and fragrant oily resin of Aquilaria trees, produced by the plant to defend itself from the attack of a particular fungus. Arabian people started to use it centuries ago. It probably originated in the Indian region of Assam and from there it spread throughout South East Asia. Its oil price now exceeds $50,000 per kilo.

The other fragrances of this collection aren’t outdone. ROSE DE TAIF is dedicated to the uniqueness of Saudi Arabian roses, picked in the first morning light, one by one, like precious diamonds. PATCHOULI NOSY BE, from the scented island of Madagascar, is currently used exclusively by Perris and its harvest, strictly hand-made, is left for a week in a dry, shady place. YLANG YLANG NOSY BE is a precious distillation with an intense aroma of the namesake flower. ABSOLUTE D’OSMANTHE comes from the osmanthus tree, already known 2000 years ago from the Himalayas to China and introduced in Europe in 1771. SANTAL DU PACIFIQUE contains the precious sandalwood oil arrived in ancient times in India right from the Pacific Islands. Its success is linked to the conviction that it placates the rational part of our mind. Alongside the Eau de Parfums, there’s also a precious collection of Extraits.

"When we’re past 50 we must train our skin, with specific products"

Italian Style

Last but not least, there’s a series of incredible quality products, formulated with the most innovative Swiss technology, to treat skin problems with natural active ingredients, suitable for sensitive skins, too. SKIN FITNESS guarantees the highest quality standards, thanks to a 95% of natural materials – most of them never used before in the skin care industry– and the absence of skin enemies like paraben.

Especially when we’re past 50 we MUST train our skin, with specific products to bring it to a new life. It’s better to give up on a sweater or a pair of shoes but always have a neat, bright and well hydrated face.

I especially suggest you to try the CONCENTRATED SERUM and LIFT ANTI-AGIN PEELING SOFT, a new generation of exfoliation.

What else can I say?

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