Marina Santaniello

Art bags

Marina Santaniello’s art bags are some of our best friends: they contain our identity, values, small manias and, above all, our secrets.

Our bags are like us!

Starting from this assumption, Marina Santaniello created the art bags project, painting vintage bags and artisanal models made by roman craftsmen, with a touch of feminine irony.

Thanks to her, old bags get a new look and identity.

She adds some extravagant lining on the inside and decorates the outside with her marvellous designs. Her creations play with the front and the back, the inside and the outside of each model. Colours, beads and bijoux are used to talk about ourselves, our stories, dreams and fragilities.

A mix of truth and vanity, painted on bags from a female point of view.

"Look into your bag and you’ll find yourself."

Marina Santaniello

Marina Santaniello’s art bags

A mix of truth and vanity.

Marina Santaniello is a Roman biologist, wife, mother and grandmother, that after many years of teaching, applied for the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, finishing it with the highest marks and an infinite passion for art. That’s when she started to realize her old dream.

So, don’t come and tell me that we can’t reinvent ourselves at any age!

Marina Santaniello and her art bags have already taken part in several exhibitions in Italy and abroad; they have been included in environmentally friendly design groups and adhered to the culture of conscious consumption, for the wellbeing of our planet.

Her bags are like an ode to life, feminine vanity and the unique ability we have to reinvent ourselves.

Brava Marina!

P.S. You can find her bags on her website or in the beautiful Marina’s showroom, in a small farmhouse in the Giustiniana – Prima Porta area. Have a look at the pictures in our gallery and, as always, write to for further information form. Prices range: from 150 up to 300 Euros.

Gallery: Marina Santaniello’s art bags