Italianbagsonline: Bags of the New Generation

The urban recycling of Giuseppe Rogato

Who are the new entrepreneurs of Made in Italy?

With Serena Fanara we talked about the new generation of designers who, with modern technologies and attention to sustainable and ecological practices, produce and market their own products.

Like new designers, new entrepreneurs are people who care about the wellbeing of the earth and of their community, who understand the importance of preserving the environment and recycling; they believe in their ideas and, using new technologies, are able to expand their markets without leaving home.

After Jokfil, we go to Palermo, Sicily, to introduce you to an entrepreneur, architect, and designer, who has been creating handmade bags using recycled materials since 2009: Giuseppe Rogato and his Italianbagsonline.

Attentive to environmental issues, Giuseppe Rogato was eager to create a business model that combined ecological and sustainable innovations with new entrepreneurial ideas, and after years of work and study, in 2010, he succeeded in opening his own company: Italianbagsonline.

"I am a creative person and I like to develop new ideas. I believe in a sustainable future, and in appreciating and revitalizing old artisan traditions."

Giuseppe Rogato

Italianbagsonline: Bags of the New Generation

The urban recycling of Giuseppe Rogato

Everything begins with reusing and recycling: materials no longer used by companies and individuals are given a second life. These discards becomes a resource that, thanks to creativity and craftsmanship, are transformed into a new product.

Currently, Italianbagsonline specializes in the design, construction, and sale of bags and accessories. The products are first drawn out, and then made with the utmost care and precision that comes with artisanal craftsmanship. The final products are beautiful and refined, yet durable and very cool!

Giuseppe Rogato manages Italianbagsonline himself and distributes his products through a small network of customers in Italy and abroad (the Netherlands, France, and Germany).

Giuseppe Rogato believes in a sustainable future, in ecological solutions, and especially in appreciating and revitalizing old Italian artisan traditions, the traditional craftsmanship that has made Italian products famous all over the world.

Bravo Giuseppe!

You can follow Giuseppe Rogato on his social media sites, or contact him via his website.

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