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Tailor-made (little) dresses

Firulì Firula is the carefree whistle of someone kissed by the sun, walking or cycling to an unknown place.

Firulì Firula is the dream of a mother, Rosa D’Agostino, who wanted to design and make high quality clothes for her little daughter. One day this dream came true: Rosa became a real couturier for children from 0 to 6 years and their demanding mothers, attentive to fabrics and forms.

In a short time, dress-by-dress, this mum gave in to her creative urge and invested in this project, with a serious focus on kids’ style. Nowadays Firulì Firulà is officially a clothing brand for children from 0 to 6 years. Each item is handmade, with loving care and an accurate selection of high quality materials and natural fibres only.

“Firulì Firulà style is appreciated for its exquisite minimal-chic design”

The production is entirely made in Italy.

Firulì Firulà clothes for kids

For kids aged 0 to 6

Firulì Firula’s style is appreciated by discerning moms for its discreet, timeless touch, precious like a childhood memory.

Clothes are available in capsule collections, but besides that, the most demanding mothers’ dreams are fulfilled with custom-made models.

“... because kids need more than a silent style”

Rosa D’Agostino, Firulì Firulà founder

If you are looking for a dress in a fabric and colour different from the website ones or you dream a particular model for a special occasion, Rosa is here to satisfy you. Just write her and she’ll be happy to make your wish come true.

Rosa’s work promotes a minimal-chic dressing philosophy. She strongly believes that children need a discreet, simple style to see their beauty emerge first.

All her clothes are made with love and pride. And you see that.

Brava Rosa!

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