Traditional candles

Cereria di Giorgio

Halloween is nowadays pretty popular in Italy, too. So, if we have to celebrate it, let’s do it properly, with pumpkins and candles.

We can take the pumpkins at farmer’s markets – as suggested by our food blogger – and the candles from Antica Cereria Di Giorgio, leaving the costumes and candies to the kids…

We already introduced some great Italian craftsmen and craftswomen in our previous posts about Cappellificio Sorbatti in the Marche and Susanna Ongaro, expert in metalworking.

Now, let’s take advantage of this holiday to talk about made in Italy candles, or better traditional candles.

Cereria Di Giorgio was founded in 1908 in the heart of Rome, Trastevere, at a time when candles were manually made into moulds and mostly had a liturgical function.

"At night a candle’s brighter than the sun." Sting

Traditional candles Cereria Di Giorgio

Traditional candles

Cereria di Giorgio, Made in Italy candles

La Cereria Di Giorgio is a historic pontifical supplier which boasts two important patents.

The first is about the liturgical lamp, the candle burning in front of the Blessed Sacrament which needs to last for a week. This 50s patent revolutionized the history of Eucharistic lamps: in fact, the original liturgy prescribed that only olive oil could burn in front of the Blessed Sacrament. The oil, however, had to be often refilled and frequently damaged the altar’s tablecloths.

The 70s patent is much less spiritual. It’s the birthday candle Stoppina, capable to re-energize itself after the first blow.

Over the years, Cereria Di Giorgio has become a modern company producing household, ornamental candles in a Pomezia factory which ships worldwide through their e-commerce.

They’ve got candles for everyone: from the lacquered ones perfect for candelabras and romantic dinners to the birthday ones, from the citronella ones ideals for summer evenings to the small ones for scaring pumpkins.

And don’t forget to buy Italian products…


P.S. Have a look at their blog to get useful tips on candles. For instance, have you ever thought about recycling them? Read here.

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